A "freehold" is a property of which the owner has absolute control and rights over, save only for those controls and rights reserved for the government.

In the modern age, a "digital freehold" is a domain of which the owner has absolute control and rights over, in a similar manner to a real-estate freehold.

This site, the Digital Freehold is my piece of the internet, and is a place where my friends and family can gather and hang out. I intend it to be a casual sort of place, where neighbours can chat and catch up on the local gossip, and friends can stop bye for a cool drink and hot conversation by the pool.

Welcome in. Make yourself at home. We've been expecting you.

The Mercurio Digital Freehold has returned

After a long time absent, I have returned the Mercurio.Digitalfreehold.ca website to the internet. Please pardon the extended down; life caught up to me, and it took me quite a while to complete an upgrade that this site required.

The Mercurio Digital Freehold is temporarily unavailable

I've taken the Mercurio Digital Freehold offline for maintenance.
I hope to have it back online soon.

For now, the site redirects to the main digitalfreehold.ca page

Site Changes

I've made some changes to the site


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